The Neighbor Part II

apartment door


A man more or less her mother age in his early 30’s slowly made his way out the door in a wheel chair. The little girl’s eyes and mouth was wide open. Her mother in a very stern voice said, “Violet! Come here! We are going to be late!” As she walked toward her daughter she caught a quick glimpse at the very attractive man sitting in his wheel chair in a three-piece pinstripe suit. The man had the most alluring green eyes she had ever seen. She wasn’t sure if she liked his eyes or his salt and pepper grey hair more. She clumsily tried to apologize to the man, but it was apparent he was accustomed to women gawking at him. He expressed very little interest in her apology or in her. “I’m sorry. My daughter tends to be imprudent at times. I’m your next-door neighbor Anne, and you already met my daughter Violet.” The man gave her a polite smile, and said “It’s fine.”

Violet immediately caught-on to the fact that the man had not introduce himself. She timidly asked him, “What is your name?” The man gave Violet a peering icy stern look and said, “Mark.” Violet quickly followed-up her initial question with, “Do you live alone?” Mark said “No”, but his body language clearly indicated Violet’s line of questions were making him feel uncomfortable; he quickly maneuvered his wheelchair around Violet to indicate pleasantries were over, and he wanted to move on with his day. Anne immediately caught on to Mark’s reaction and squeezed her daughter’s arm. Anne promptly said, “Sorry, Violet has the tendency of asking imprudent questions.” And right before she could utter another word Mark wheel chaired himself out of hearing range.

“Ouch!” “Stop squeezing my arm.” Violet protested. “Then stop asking so many questions. You are embarrassing me. Now, come on we are both going to be late!” she said as she gaped at Violet. “OK. But stop being mean to me!” Violet said as she scowled at her mom. “Mean to you? Oh, moon pie, you haven’t seen mean yet!” Anne said to Violet as she tried to tug away from her mom. Violet dropped her lunch box on the floor while moving away from her mom, and as she picked up her lunch box from the floor she noticed that the man in the wheelchair had dropped a pen. She picked up the pen and starred at it attentively. It was a shiny black fountain pen with the letters M.S.P. engraved on it. She thought the M is for Mark and she remembered seeing his last name Pratt on his mailbox downstairs in the mail-room, but what she did not know— what did the S stand for? “Hmmmm…” She said. Her mother looked at Violet and said “What’s that? “A pen.” Violet said. Her mother rolled her eyes at Violet, “Yes, smarty pants that I know. What I meant to say is where did you get it?”

“It was on the floor. I guess the man dropped it.” Violet said to her mother. “Give it to me Violet. It looks expensive we have to return it.” Violet shrugged her shoulders and said, “OK” and handed the pen to her mother as they walked toward the elevator.

Violet was completely bewildered. Nothing made sense to her. So far, she knew the door squeaked like clockwork every day at 4 a.m. since Mark moved in to the building. He was in a wheelchair. He said he didn’t live alone, and she saw a fishing hook and squid residue on his apartment doormat. This was completely bizarre. Most importantly who lived with him? Maybe it was this person who got up at 4 a.m. every morning, but who was it? Violet shook her head and thought, “This will have to wait until after school.” Her mother dropped off Violet at her school. She gave Violet a big fat kiss, and said, “I love you moon pie. From here to infinity.” Violet smiled and gave her mother a big hug. She got out of the car and waved good bye to her mom.

Violet felt bored at school. She couldn’t wait to get back home to continue investigating what was going on with her neighbor at four in the morning. Violet’s nanny picked her up from school, and as they walked into Skylark building elevator she saw Mark entering the lobby. Violet said in a very loud voice, “Mister Mark! I have your pen, as the elevator doors closed.” Mark did not seem pleased at all with Violet’s outburst. Once upstairs Dana asked Violet who was the man. Violet explained to Dana what had happened earlier that morning with her new neighbor. Violet’s mom arrived four hours later and asked Dana if Violet had done her homework. Dana said yes. “Violet has been awesome today, but a bit distracted. She appears to be in deep thought.” Anne knocked on Violet’s bedroom door and popped her head in and said, “Hey, moon pie. How was your day? Everything alright?” Violet nodded and said, “Yes, mom. Nothing out of the ordinary. You need to stop worrying about me I am seven years old now.” Anne rolled her eyes, “OK. OK. I’m just checking in.” Violet laughed at the fact that her mom was rolling her eyes at her, and said, “Mom, Mister Mark is home. Can we go to his apartment to give back his pen?” Anne looked at Violet puzzled and said, “Ah, Sure.”

Anne and Violet knocked on Mark’s door; they could hear two people talking, but couldn’t make out what they were saying. Someone walk toward the door and opened it. The door squeaked as it was being opened. A woman in her mid-50’s with a very athletic body build opened the door. She said, “Yes, how may I help you?” Anne quickly said, “Oh, yes, is Mark around? He dropped his pen earlier today, and we wanted to return it to him.” The woman stretched out her hand to grab the pen and brusquely said, “Oh, thank you I’ll make sure he gets it.” “OK. Thanks” Anne said as the woman closed the door in her face. Violet looked at her mother and said in a very loud voice. “How rude!” “Shhh… Violet.” She can hear you!”

Violet and her mother returned to their apartment and watched television for a little while before going to bed. Violet yawned and said, “I’m sleepy. I’m going to bed.”Her mom nodded as Violet walked to her room. She fell asleep quickly, but once again, at 4 a.m. she heard her neighbor’s door squeak, but this time she was ready. She jumped out of bed and headed to her front door. She slowly opened it and walked down the hallway. Mark’s door was slightly open. Violet slowly opened the door and saw Mark opening a book. The book immediately flew up into the air and instantly created a yellow golden light that looked like a portal of some kind. What was even more crazy she saw Mark get up from the wheelchair and step into the portal. Violet gasped. Mark quickly turned around when he heard the noise and saw Violet starring at him.She suddenly felt a chill go down her spine while starring at Mark as he walked into this big bright glowing yellow light. What was going on?