The Neighbor

The door squeaks again. The little girl tosses and turns in her bed. She takes a quick glance at her clock which reads 4a.m. She notices that once again like clock work her next door neighbor’s door squeaks at the same time. She suddenly becomes curious, but also scared as to the reason behind the noise.

Night after night like clock work she heard her next door neighbor’s door squeak. She wonder what he or she was doing at that hour. She wasn’t sure who lived next door to her and her mother. She was frighten at the noise, but curiosity peaked. The little girl for a split second considered waking up her mother to tell her what she had heard, but her mother was resting so peacefully she decided to let her be, besides what would she tell her? The next door neighbor’s door is squeaking?

No, no, she could not wake her mother up with such nonsense. After all what did she really hear? So, the little girl decided to go back to sleep. The next morning she woke-up bright and early to try to catch a glimpse of her next door neighbor, but she had no luck. The little girl’s curiosity peaked more and more with each passing day. Maybe it was her mother’s childhood Nancy Drew books that she was reading that made her curious. Who knows, but what was certain is that she was on a mission to unveil the 4 a.m. mystery.

The next morning the little girl asked her mother who lived next door to them. Her mother told her she did not know who moved into the apartment next door. The little girl looked disappointed. The mother noticed her daughter’s disappointment and asked her why the question. The little girl shrugged her shoulders and said, “No reason. We know so little about our neighbors.” Her mother kissed her daughter’s forehead, and said “Sometimes it’s best.” The little girl did not look too satisfied with her mom’s response. The little girl wanted answers, and she was not going to stop until she unveiled the 4 a.m. mystery.

The mother opened their apartment door and said, “Come on, you are going to be late for school.” and as they walked briskly down the hallway the little girl took a quick glance at her neighbor’s door. She immediately noticed a small fishing hook and what appeared to be squid residue on her neighbor’s doormat. She thought… “fishing? No, way…” Some how she did not think this was possible. Fishing everyday at 4 a.m. They lived nowhere near open waters. This intrigued her even more. She took another quick glance at the door, as her mother called out, “Come on, Come on, we are running late moon pie.”

The little girl started to run toward her mother as she said, “Alright, Alright,” and just as she finished saying this, she heard her neighbor open the door… The little girl slowly turned around and stopped dead in her tracks…