Short Stories

Short stories are sweet. I like them, because there is an urgency to reach a climax. We know the end is near. The climax of the story is just a few paragraphs away. Another reason why I like short-stories is because they can also be useful in testing out possible fictional characters and story lines for a novel. I personally like reading short stories, because they set-up a plot, a tone and a voice in a complete miniature world.

So, in the spirit of celebrating short stories… I’ve created this section with the sole intent of exploring the world of tiny stories in a complete miniature world. So, feel free to read and explore the fascinating world of miniature stories in this section, and of course we welcome you to come back as frequently as you wish to check for updates, or comment on your favorite stories.

Until we meet again in a miniature storytelling world; I wish you a day full of joy, creativity, and laughter in or outside the pages of a book. 😉



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