Random Thought


Today as I was running, I started to have random thoughts that came in and out of my head. One of them being why are we so headstrong about trying to prove ourselves right? We don’t listen enough. We cut people off when they are talking to make sure we make our point. This is sad, because what we are saying is my point is more important than yours.

It’s sad, because this type of behavior suggest you are trying to prove your point rather than finding a common ground to solve an issue. At one point in time I heard someone say the more intelligent you are the more opinions you will have and want to express. See, I find a flaw with this reasoning. Who says you will not be as intelligent once someone finishes their thought? Quite the contrary in my opinion.

When we let other people talk and express themselves without interrupting we are actually forcing ourselves to listen. This can only be beneficial for us when speaking to other people. When we listen without interrupting we are truly trying to find a common ground, and only then can we start to look for solutions. I believe most leaders good or bad have one thing in common– they know how to listen. I wonder why can’t most people do this? What triggers people to interrupt? I really don’t believe that by interrupting people’s train of thought it will make you look smarter or help you accomplish anything. So, why do we do it? Some might say, we are emotional, but I think this is just an excuse.  So, why are some people rude?  This is the eternal question…


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