Stars, Rainbows, and a Pot of Gold


Children believe in Easter bunnies, Rainbows, and Stars that light their path toward a pot of Gold. Their creativity helps them imagine a beautiful world where anything is possible. This same child like behavior is what motivates and inspires writers, innovators, and dreamers to accomplish great things in this world.

I often wonder how much more we could accomplish if we maintained this same child like behavior in our lives. As adults we often fall victim to daily routines and busy schedules. We seldom stop to imagine what a better world would look like, or stop to smell a beautiful flower that can trigger a creative outcome.

Today’s blog post is short and sweet; its main objective is to inspire dreamers and innovators to chase that pot of Gold at the end of the rainbow, as well as, to motivate dreamers to follow their shining star.

Keep dreaming, Keep working, Keep searching for that shining star in the sky that will light your path in your life. After all, what is life without a little imagination?


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