The Audacity of King David


Regardless, where you stand in your spiritual life. There is something about the story of David vs Goliath that is inspirational. I was thinking about that today. We should all live our lives with the same boldness and audacity that David had when he faced the giant.  We often make excuses as to why we can’t do things.

“I’m too fat,”

“Too old,”

“Too tall,”

“Not talented enough,”

“Not fast enough,” etc.,

We give ourselves a laundry list as to why we can’t do it. I wonder what would happen if we did one of why we should do it. What would happen? How much more would we get done? Seriously, the story of David and Goliath is insane. This boy’s audacity was borderline insane. He told Goliath he was going to cut off his head. Who in their rightful mind would believe it or say it? But David believed it and he did it. This goes back to what I always say… your words are powerful. If we speak life into them our goals are achieved.

I can just picture David telling the giant, “I’m going to cut off your head.” and the giant laughing hysterically. David’s only weapon was a sling, five rocks and a will beyond recognition to succeed. We should all learn from David. We don’t need a lot of talent to succeed. We just need the right amount of talent and the desire to succeed. I for one plan to live each day like David did… believing anything is possible if you prophesy victory over your life.


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