Why I decided to write “The Art of Farting!”


Before you start rolling your eyes… Be open-minded! “Life is too short to take it seriously!” Yes, it’s nice to read Tolstoy, Yates, Thomas Hardy, Longfellow, Emerson, Dickens, Chaucer, etc, but let’s be honest, sometimes all we need is some laughter. Having said that, let’s laugh from time to time while we are still on this planet! “The Art of Farting!” is a funny PG rated collection of short fart stories told by different people throughout the years. Besides laughter rejuvenates the soul.

What inspired me to write this book is simple- I kept hearing super funny fart stories. The anecdotes were so funny it always ended up with drinks coming out of people’s noises due to uncontrollable laughter; and do you care to guess what was the reoccurring theme? You guessed it! “What were they thinking?” Well, the truth of the matter is they weren’t thinking! And this is what inspired me to write this book.

“The Art of Farting!” was written in hopes to lighten people’s mood who would otherwise be having a bad day. It’s a quick read guaranteed to put a smile on your face. The book aims to take a comedic approach at something that is natural, but can be embarrassing if not handle correctly. After receiving a very funny fart story today via direct mail from a follower, I decided to write this post. I couldn’t stop laughing at what she said. She told me  1) She was in tears from laughing so hard as she read my book, and 2) She herself had a funny fart story that she wanted to share that involved her husband. (She was right! It was very funny!! 😀 )

In conclusion, be open minded. The book is not gross! It’s a comedy. Farting is a part of life! We just don’t talk about it, but in the spirit of not taking ourselves seriously, let’s have an open fun conversation about farting; and let’s laugh in the process! Why?Because, “Life is too short to take it seriously!” 😉

So, don’t wait! Hop on amazon it’s free on Kindle Unlimited! Or you can buy a copy. It’s cheap; it’s funny, and it’s short! Guaranteed to put a smile on your face! 🙂





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